Angela -  Make sure she always has a cold one! Angela joined us in 2007 to take up vocal duties and keep the rest of us in line! She's relocated to Pennsylvania in 2013, but we hope she'll be making some guest appearances soon!  

Adrienne -  Must be French for "beautiful voice"...!  Adrienne, how we miss thee.  She's moved away but knows that she has a standing invitation to come back to sing the "A-list" any time she wants!

David - A vital member of the guitar army...!  As one of the members at large, David keeps T-shirt sales way up, gig offers rolling in, and even gets back to town for an occasional practice or guest set at a local show!   

Joe -  Pinch hitter extraordinaire...! Joe is kind enough to lend his talents to not one, but TWO bands.  He can walk in for one practice and jazz up our entire repertoire with cool backing vocals and wicked conga beats.  Plus he's always there to offer sage advice...
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The Speculations - 2004
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